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The following GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE AND PURCHASE POLICIES regulate the use of this website,, which is the official webpage of Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry, Modern & Contemporary Jewelry. All customers, users and visitors should follow the politics cited on this document, which is why we suggest you read it thoroughly before browsing our website and/or continue its use.

Our GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE AND PURCHASE POLICIES take effect from the moment they are published, notwithstanding subsequent modifications without prior notice or consent. It’s the sole responsibility of Tamara López S, CEO and DESIGNER under the brand of Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry®, to make any modifications to this document’s content.

Website access and use of this web page is free. Browsing this web page is giving you the condition of user and it implies the full acceptance, without reserve, of the terms and conditions expressed within this document.

By accessing, browsing and using this webpage, you agree that you have read, understood this document and that you will comply to follow the terms and conditions here written. If you don’t agree with these conditions, please stop browsing now. If you wish to contact us to communicate any disagreement with our terms and conditions, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

The user is obliged to make a correct, lawful and diligent use of this website. The user also obliges to not suppress, avoid or manipulate the copyright mark and any data that might identify the brand of Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry, Modern & Contemporary Jewelry.

Intellectual Property

Every content included in this webpage, like texts, pictures, photos, graphics, images, icons, software, design and layouts, constitute an intellectual property of Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry or their respective owners. By this very reason, we forbid the user a total or partial reproduction of our content without a written authorization by the owner. In case there is content that belongs to a third party, and not Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry, the user is obliged to obtain authorization as compelled by the copyright laws that may protect the intellectual property.

Duration and Termination

Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry website’s services have an undefined duration. However, the brand might terminate or suspend its website at any time and without prior notice.

Product Pricing

The costs of our products are indicated through Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry’s website. The costs listed in this website are official. However, the costs don’t include the shipping expenses. The price of our products may change without prior notice. We reserve the right to discontinue or modify a product without prior notice.

Product Availability

Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry will inform the potential customer the delivery time of our inventory, which might be available to send immediately (In Stock) or will be available to order (To Order).

For international packages, time of arrival might be between 7 to 15 working days after the first 24 hours the payment of the product has been made (there can be exceptions in designated products). This doesn’t take into consideration delays for bad weather, random checkups from the customs office or high transit periods, like Christmas. Important: if a client is trying to track an international purchase, once its shipment reaches the customs office, the delivery date depends of the customs office and they might change it to their earliest convenience. In this case, we won’t be able to provide a delivery date and we suggest our customer to contact their local mail or customs office to ask them about release dates.

For purchases made in Costa Rica, time of arrival might be between 5 to 10 working days after the first 24 hours the client has made the payment (there can be exceptions in designated products).

For custom made products that aren’t in our regular portfolio (To Order) at, it can take up to 25 working days.

Product Payment

The customer agrees to pay full value of the purchase at the moment the purchase order is confirmed.

The customer should notify us about any improper or fraudulent charge made in the card used for the purchase, through an e-mail or phone call, as soon as possible, so we can react and manage their case properly.

We should warn our users and/or customers that even if our webpage has available a secure payment system for every purchase, Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry won’t take responsibility for connection issues with bank or credit entities, we can’t also take responsibility for any damages the user and/or customers incur as a consequence of any action or omission of these entities. When the payment has been verified by Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry, Modern & Contemporary Jewelry, then the offer of purchase made by the user / customer may be accepted.

Order Formalization

Once the order has been formalized; which means confirmation of purchase and our Terms and Conditions have been fully accepted, Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry will send an e-mail to the customer giving full details about the purchase.

Order Cancellation

Once an order has been paid, cancellations are not possible. Changes in the purchase can be made before the products are being shipped, as long as the products that are requested are available in stock. For custom made products, changes can only be possible the first 24 hours after the payment has been made. In any case, if any change is requested by the customer, it should be done by e-mail to [email protected] giving full specification about these changes.

Product Delivery

Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry takes the responsibility of sending the product in the best quality possible to whatever address the customer designates in our purchase form through a delivery company like UPS, FEDEX or Costa Rica’s Mail Service, or any other delivery company that could be convenient for this process. To optimize our delivery times, we’ll be thankful if the customer facilitates a delivery address. Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry doesn’t take any responsibility for any delivery error when the provided address by the customer is not correct and / or precise.

Delivery Term

Shipping goes through a specialized company like UPS, FEDEX or Costa Rica’s Mail Service. Once the purchase is confirmed, we will proceed to ready the package and send it.

Keep in mind that if the product is available, sending will be done the next day, after the purchase has been confirmed. If the product is custom made, sending it will be done between the next 7 to 15 working days after the purchase has been confirmed.

Once we have sent the order and handed it to the delivery company, we’ll send an e-mail notifying the guide number which can be used to track the purchase through the delivery company’s website, if such website or system is available, like UPS, FEDEX or Costa Rica’s Mail Service.

After a delivery is confirmed, the package may take a period of 5 to 10 working days for national shipments and 7 to 15 working days for international shipments; both dates are most probable for In Stock products. This is only an estimate, these times are not controlled by Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry, we don’t take any responsibility for any delay in the delivery for any extraordinary or fortuitous event marked by the delivery company as it might be flagged by their own criteria. In this case, if you happen to find yourself in this situation, please contact directly the customer’s service of the delivery company using your track number.

Package Loss

In case a package gets lost or stolen, it’s responsibility of the delivery company, who will start their own investigation procedure to find the package. Also, if it’s marked by their own criteria, they’ll start a procedure so it’s possible to ask for compensation to their insurance company with the same value as the jewels contained in the package.

Delivery Diligence

The customer should review that the package has been sent in an optimal state through the delivery company. If there is any anomaly in the package, the customer should communicate it immediately. However, after the package has been reviewed, if the customer notices any incidence like a dent, a crack or any other sign that the package was extraordinarily manipulated or any other issue related to the delivery, the customer commits to notice about this situation to Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry, through e-mail at [email protected], during the first 24 hours after the delivery has been made.

Return Procedure

Jewelry bought at Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry, in their online shop, might be returned and refunded as long as the following conditions are met:

  • If the return reason is responsibility of Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry, with this, meaning the received product is defective or it doesn’t match the order made by the customer according to the details of their purchase.
  • Customer should notify to the e-mail at [email protected], their intention to return the jewelry during the first 24 hours the package has been received with the subject: RETURN REQUEST.
  • Customer should return the product within the first three working days after the package has been received and sent to the address notified during the first notice, sending through and e-mail a copy of the tracking guide given by the delivery company. The delivery expenses will be refunded.
  • Product should be in the same state it was delivered, and it should keep its original boxing and tagging.
  • Product should be sent in the same box and/or bag it was received to protect it. In the case the customer can’t use the same box and/or bag, it should be returned with a protective box with the purpose it is delivered in the most optimal way possible.

Customers Refund

Refund will only be possible in case the delivered product is defective or it doesn’t match the original order. If such situation applies, Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry will refund the purchase’s full value plus shipping expenses. Refunds are made to the same payment method through it was purchased.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Tamara Losan Fusion jewelry will be exempt from the liability of fulfilling the warranty clauses when it’s proven that any defect in the product comes from:

  • Wrongful use of the product from part of the customer.
  • When the customer hasn’t followed the product’s care instructions which are provided through our website in the FAQ section.

Data Management

In case any visitor / customere recors their personal data in one of our included and / or incorporated systems in our website, Tamara Losan Fusion Jewelry makes a commitment of treating this data as confidential and will be exclusively used to purposes related to the services that the brand provides

Tamara Losan Fusion jewelry makes a commitment of not releasing, selling or sharing the personal data that the customer or visitor has provided to the website without an express approval from the owner of this data.

Thank you for reading, consulting and abiding to our GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE AND PURCHASE POLICIES.

Copyright 2020 Tamara Losan. All rights reserved.