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About the Designer.

Tamara was born in a beautiful country, surrounded by exuberant mountains and seas, without armies or violence in its streets. She’s blessed. Since she was a little kid, she played in her treehouse where she could imagine herself as a very important businesswoman. At 18, she pursuit a career in Business Management, at Costa Rica. She specialized in Marketing while growing professionally in the corporate world. She worked for big transnationals, but it was a tough environment. So she decided to quit her job to pursue a dream: she bought a ticket to Paris. It was like destiny. Exploring Paris was one of her biggest dreams. Enthralled by the bohemian streets, the people and their artistic settings, she had a feeling: this was the beginning of a long-time dream, she was burning an inner fire. Tamara thought about her life and using this inspiration as guidance, their lights, designs, colors, mysteries, shapes and history, she found courage to make a decision: she used her knowledge and her restlessness in the business world to experiment and go all the way to create her own business. Tamara found out that she was a natural born creator, empowered and feminine. She wanted to show all dreamers, like herself, the same path that has inspired her own.

Tamara sees herself as a confident woman, capable of making her own path. She’s a real and unique woman, because she loves nature, and she loves sharing her own natural being. She loves flowers. Tamara is glamorous, she enjoys putting her own touch to everything and she loves to share her energy with other people. She’s definitely passionate but also she’s humble and enjoys her own nature. She’s a woman that values her freedom and her happiness.

She always had a curiosity for understanding how jewelry acquires a life of her own through their shape, their colors and their gems. That lead her to a very important question that would define her new path: How is it possible that a jewel makes us feel more beautiful, more unique, and how do we reveal our own personal nature, our smiles, through our jewelry?

That was the challenge she took upon herself.

Having dedicated her life to a business environment, she had to learn a new set of skills, skills she didn’t imagine she would have in her lifetime. She learnt how to get her hands dirty, sometimes she was hurt, but nothing that could stop her. Some may believe she learnt how to be an alchemist: she studied how to use tools, fire, chemistry and how to work metal. Once she sorted through fear and obstacles, and using her new set of skills, she slowly began to understand her new path. This helped her realize she could teach other women; entrepreneur, extraordinary and beautiful women. That’s how her brand was born, from Tamara’s restlessness to share her energy and her knowledge.

Every set of jewelry that has been worked through her hands, includes good will and a piece of advice: “Don’t be afraid, be courageous, use your hidden courage. Pursuit your dreams, share with the world, love”. Every piece of jewelry in Tamara’s workshop is unique, and it’s a commitment to share love and knowledge. It’s an invitation to reveal to another the worth of her independence, her spirit of creation and her nature, as well as her ability to be herself, no matter the place and the circumstances. Please, don’t be afraid and come on in. Welcome to this cozy little home, made by this unique woman, which her goal is to reveal through her jewelry, the enigma and the power that each woman hides.


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